Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Another Chatelaine

Finally the kit of Konstantinople Hamam Mandala has arrived!! The colours of the silks are gorgeous and they look very good on the black fabric.

Still, I think that I am getting a bit of cold feet. I never stitched on black and this design has some black and dark blues mostly DMC that I am worrying that they will not show up well on the fabric. I spent the afternoon contemplating whether I should keep the black fabric or else stitch on a lighter fabric. I totally love the preview on black and until now I did not even consider a lighter fabric.  I think if I change now I might regret it later. If I decide to stitch on black I will start next weekend.


ana~stitch said...

You can do it!! It will be stunning on black!! I would have stitched it on black but already have 2 other Chats going on black.

Mercury said...

I also think that you can make it on a black basis. Your fear will leave after the first stitches. It is necessary to have good light and then all work will be pleasant