Thursday, May 27, 2010

Part 10

My slump continues, as I am barely stitching. It took me almost a week to complete part 10 of Zentangle. I finished this a week early, as for some reason I kept thinking that the next part comes out today (it comes out next week), so I forced myself to finish this part as I do not want to fall behind. Hopefully this will give me the motivation to work on my other WIP's.

Saturday, May 15, 2010

First stitches

I have finally started Holland Springtime mandala. I am really pleased with my choice of fabric. I am sure this will be a pleasure to stitch and hopefully it does not take me years to complete. This is what I accomplished after a couple of hours stitching. I do not keep track of time but roughly, I spent about three to four hours.

This picture shows the colour of the fabric well.

A close up

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Just in time

Part 9 of Zentangle is completed. Tomorrow comes out the next part. I really enjoy stitching on this piece.

Sunday, May 9, 2010

End of slump?

After barely stitching all week, I spent the whole weekend stitching on Persian Iris Garden. Part 6 is so stitch intensive that I did not manage to finish half a quarter of this part. The colours are gorgeous, hopefully it will be an incentive to keep stitching. I am taking a break from this as I need to finish part 9 of Zentangle before the next part comes out on Thursday!

Saturday, May 1, 2010

May goals

Re-cap of April goals:
1. Finish part 4 and 5 of Persian Iris Garden. Done!
2. Finish page 6 of Mouth of Flower. Only half of it.
3. Stitch part 8 of Zentangle. Done!
4. Start Holland Springtime Mandala. No, did not start yet.

May goals:

1  Stitch part 9 and 10 of  Zentangle.
2. Stitch part 6 of Persian Iris Garden on top half of design only.
3. Finish Page 6 of Mouth of Flower.
4. Start Holland Springtime Mandala.

A new interest

You would think that I had enough of beads after beading a Mirabilia and a Chatelaine in the last four months but it seems that I started a new addiction. Lately I browsed some bead weaving and jewelry making sites and watched some videos. A couple of weeks ago I plunged in and ordered some supplies and below you can see my first bead weaving project. I am very happy with how this project turned out, was quite easy to weave and the best part it was completed in a couple of hours.

This cube bracelet was featured in Bead magazine issue 16. I chose my own colours, I omitted the charms and I stitched this bracelet with just two rows instead of three. I used Toho beads and Miyuki cubes.