Monday, May 16, 2011

Some eye candy

April has been stressful for me in so many little ways, so to cheer myself up, I've ordered another Chatelaine kit. I am going to let the pictures do the talking as there are many pretties in this one.

Here, I present you...Venice Mandala
The beautiful package

The floss toss

Gloriana Threads

Treasure braid

Silk n Colors

Princess pretty

EdMar and beads
 Lets see how long I will resist before starting this one...


wendy111 said...

Do you have to resist starting? Such lovely goodies and I love Venice (one day I will find time to do it!)

ArabicaMix said...

And I love Venice and even have begun to embroider. It will be very nice. Wonderful that you chose this design!

ana~stitch said...

I love this one too, it's next for me - when i have finished some others :)

Isadarena said...

Maria ....some pretty flosses ....who could resist ?? Venice Mandala is also a project I will stitch when I finish my current ones :-)
Enjoy your lovely goodies :-))

Joysze said...

Beautiful toss, Maria. :D I have a friend that just started this and it looks superb. :D